Announcement of Korea Research Fellowship (KRF) for Postdoctoral Researchers – (1st round in 2018)

The MSIT (Ministry of Science and ICT) and NRF (National Research Foundation of Korea) welcome applications from host researchers in South Korea who wish to invite prospective overseas Ph.D. researchers to join the Korea Research Fellowship (KRF) program. This program is designed to help overseas post-doc researchers produce outstanding achievements and pursue mutual growth in South Korea. Interested applicants are requested to file an application in accordance with the relevant procedures.

Eligibility of KRF candidates: Overseas post-doc researchers who have obtained their doctoral degree within the past five years starting from December 31st, 2017

Fields of Research: All fields in science and technology
* Preference fields: high correlation fields related to "2018 national R & D Investment Plans and Standards (March, '17)” such as IoT Platform, New Biologics, Advanced Materials, Disaster Safety, etc.

Duration of Fellowship: Up to five years
(Less than a 3 year research period will be not be acceptable)
Level of Funding:
-Type 1 (Inviting researchers residing overseas): Up to KRW 70 million per annum (personnel costs, living expenses, etc. for KRF fellow)

- Type 2 (Long-Term Residency in Korea): Around KRW 40 million per annum (personnel costs for KRF fellow)

*Type 2: Personnel costs of the KRF fellow- 20% or more needs to be set by the matching funds from the host institution (including host researcher’s projects)
(Please take extra caution that the matching funds shall be more than 20% of personnel costs of the KRF fellow, not the total amount of KRF funds for Personnel costs)

Quota for the First Round of 2018: Around 10 fellows

Type 1: Fellows who will enter Korea from overseas: about 7 fellows,
Type 2: Fellows who are currently residing in Korea: about 3 fellows


- Host institution: Government supported research institutes, national and public research institutes, universities and university-affiliated research institutes, corporate research institutes*.
* Corporate research institutes are those established as SMEs and venture businesses under Article 14 (1) of the Basic Research Promotion and Technology Development Support Act and Article 16 (1) of the Enforcement Decree of the same Act.

- Overseas post-doc researchers(KRF Candidates)

(Type 1) Foreign national or *Korean national post-doc researchers currently residing overseas that have received their doctoral degree within the past five years (as of December 31st, 2017)
*Korean nationals - limited to those who are residing overseas and have earned their doctoral degrees abroad.

(Type 2) Foreign national post-doc researchers currently residing in Korea that have received their doctoral degree within the past five years (as of December 31st, 2017)

* Please note that KRF candidates need to have obtained their physical doctoral degree certificate or diploma as of the date of December 31st, 2017. As a rule, provisional certificates are not accepted. Proof of work as a postdoctoral fellow without submitting the copy of actual degree certificate is not accepted.

How to apply:
1) Application submission period:
January 29th(Mon.) to February 26th(Mon.), 2018 (6 p.m.)
* Approval from their host institutions on ERND: by February 27th(Tues.), 2018 (6 p.m.)
(Date/Time is based on Korea Local Time (UTC/GMT +9 hours)

2) Application from the Host Researcher in South Korea
Applications for the KRF program must be submitted to ERND system of NRF by host researchers in South Korea through the head of his/her institution. Overseas researchers wishing to participate in the KRF program are advised to establish contact with a host researcher in their field and to ask him/her to submit an application.

3) Submission of KRF Application: Online submission via the research support system (ERND) of the National Research Foundation of Korea (http://ernd.nrf.re.kr) by the host researchers by February 26th 2018, and approved by their host institutions by February 27th 2018.
※ Applications will be accepted only for projects that obtain approval from their host institutions within the application period.
※ Application should be uploaded on the ERND system by the host researcher (KRF applicant)'s ERND account not by the KRF candidate's.
※ Please confirm the deadline (the application shall be prepared within the deadline and make certain the KRF application and necessary documentations required uploaded in time)
※ A host researcher can apply to host only one KRF candidate for each round.

4) Necessary documents to be submitted: Refer to [Note 1] < Materials to be Submitted> and Appendix documents.
※ Please make the KRF application around total 30 pages except for cover, summary, attachments, and guidelines.

5) Contact Information
- KRF program: Academic Infrastructure Support Team, NRF
(042-869-6377/6374/6381(for English))
-Online application: NRF researcher help system (1544-6118, Help Desk)

Evaluation Procedures

Reviewing Requirements ➡ Selection Evaluation ➡ Final Selection
Screening qualifications (1) Document examination
(2) Presentation
※ On-site inspection, if necessary Announcement on selection results
NRF Evaluation Committee Operating Committee

※ Presentation (interview) will be scheduled for both host researchers (applicants) and overseas postdoc researchers (candidates) that have passed documents examination screening.

Assessment Criteria -All Applications

∙ The quality of the proposed research project and necessity of support.
∙ Candidates’ capacity, potential, and willingness to participate in the KRF program.
∙ Plans for supporting the growth (settlement) of candidates; infrastructure of host institutions.
∙ Suitability of proposal to the KRF program/objectives and appropriate amount of research grants.


Schedule Details
Jan.29th(Mon.)2018 Announcement of the 1st-round KRF program of 2018
Feb.26th(Mon.), 2018 Application closed (18:00 Korea time)
Feb.27th(Tues.), 2018 Approval from host institutions on ERND closed
(18:00 Korea time)
Mar.~ Apr., 2018 Selection evaluation (document, presentation)
Early Apr., 2018 Final selection

Restrictions to Application or Participation

- KRF fellows are required to enter the Republic of Korea and commence research within three months from the date of final selection.

- Host researchers subject to restrictions for participation in national R&D projects are allowed to apply and participate only if the period of such restriction terminates before the deadline for application submission.

- This program is excluded from the projects subject to the restrictions (The number of R&D projects that can be simultaneously conducted by a host researcher shall not exceed five, among which the number of R&D projects that can be simultaneously conducted as a principal investigator (PI) shall not exceed three) referred to in Article 32 of the Regulations on Management, etc. of National Research and Development Projects.





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