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Emotional experience in the cartesian theatre - IUSS Philosophy Seminars

13 novembre


Emotional experience in the cartesian theatre

Fausto Caruana - Università di Parma

November 15th, 2017,16-18

Aula 1-14 - Palazzo del Broletto

Piazza della Vittoria, 15 - Pavia

Fausto Caruana has a post-doc position at the Brain Center for Social and Motor Cognition (Parma Unit), Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) to study the cognitive aspects of the human motor system, including that related to the mirror system, by using intracranial recording (stereo-EEG).

His main interests concern the neural basis of emotional expression and social cognition. Beside his neuroscientific interests, his major interests include the theoretical aspects of embodied cognition, social cognition and affective neuroscience. Among many publications, he has recently published, with Anna Borghi, Il cervello in azione, Il Mulino (Bologna 2016)


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