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Rui Figueiredo (1983) graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Porto in 2006. Between then and 2013 he worked as a multidisciplinary engineering designer, focusing on the design of timber, steel and composite structures, and design of building and urban water supply and drainage systems. During this period, he participated in over a hundred projects for various countries, including residential, commercial and industrial buildings, schools, theatres, and public water supply and drainage systems.

In 2015 he obtained his Master’s degree in Risk and Emergency Management from IUSS Pavia, and in 2018 he obtained his Doctoral degree from the same institution. During his doctoral studies, he carried out research on issues relating to flood risk modelling. He participated in the development of various innovative methods and modelling approaches aimed at advancing the state in that field, covering topics from hazard, exposure and vulnerability modelling to parametric catastrophe risk transfer. He is currently a research fellow at IUSS Pavia