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Programmazione didattica dei corsi dell'anno accademico 2018/2019:

Primo Semestre:


Secondo Semestre:

  • Phenomenology Strikes Back. New Waves in Analytic Philosophy of Mind - (A. Tomasetta)
  • Issues in semantic memory - (E. Catricalà)
  • Investigating language comprehension mechanisms in the EEG laboratory - (P. Canal)
  • Methods in cognitive and clinical neurosciences - (N. Canessa, E. Catricalà)   
  • Seminar in Clinical psychology and psychotherapy - (L. Sarno)


Reading Group:

  • Reading group in philosophy - (M. Di Francesco, A. Sereni, A. Tomasetta)
  • Reading group in syntax - (C. Chesi, A. Moro)